Real Estate Analysis – Baltimore

One of the advantages of working with a real estate agent is being able to utilize their access to local Multiple Listing Services. My clients/friends/family can search active properties for sale free on this website ( Create an Account and properties you’re interested in are delivered to my mailbox. I can set up an appointmentRead more

House Dollar Interest Rate

Buying Your Home: 3 Steps

There is free information, consulting and even cash available to help buy a home if you know where to look. A good plan involves internet research, approved housing counseling and specific tools available from real estate sales and finance professionals. by: Kenneth Bossard, MBA, M.A. Home buyers are often unsure about three things. First, theyRead more

D.C. School Without Walls

Top Schools and Ease of Transportation…

Location, location, location. We all, everyone who’s wanted to know more about real estate values, have heard this three-word motto. Real estate value is determined by a property’s location. OK. But what about location? There are many factors. You can download a blank appraisal report form to see the full scope. However, the decision makersRead more

Woodridge D.C.

Woodridge, D.C.

by: Ken Bossard, MBA I grew up here. In between John Burroughs Elementary and formerly Taft Junior High is 20th Street where I learned to ride a bike and, of course, get up from a fall. Woodridge real estate is doing very well. On the square block where my parents live, two properties have goneRead more

Eckington School D.C.


A recent Eckington listing proclaimed “Calling all developers & AMBITIOUS Home Owners, looking for a grand project…”, but was withdrawn in 2014. The original asking price of $825,000 dropped to $750,000 after 95 days on the market. What to do? Condominium Conversions… The D.C. Condo Act of 1976 and amendment (links opens .pdf) lays outRead more